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How can someone onboard Rocketbuy and take there store Online?

Onboarding Rocketbuy and taking your store online is a 02 min process. RocketBuy easy to understand interface and straightforward process makes it easy for anyone to go digital in just a few steps.

  • Sign up for Rocketbuy: The very first step is to sign up for Rocketbuy by creating an account using Rocketbuy mobile app available on both Android and IOS devices. Downloading the Apps will give you access to their platform and all the tools.
  • Setup your Business: Once you have signed up, you can choose a template for your online store from a range of various business category options. This will help you to create a professional-looking store that is tailored to your business needs instantly.
  • Add Catalogues and Products: The next step is to add your catalogues and products to your store. You can do this by uploading product images, descriptions, and pricing information. Rocketbuy also provides preset catalogues for various business categories with 100s of products ready to be listed online.
  • Set up Payment and Shipping: You will also need to set up payment and shipping options for your Customer. Rocketbuy offers a range of payment and shipping integrations, making it easy to manage these processes online.
  • Customize your Store: Once you have added your products and set up payment and shipping options, you can customize your store further. This include adding branding, adjusting layouts, and adding features and different offers and discounts
  • Launch your store: When you are happy with your online store, you can launch it and start selling to customers. Rocketbuy provides tools for managing orders, tracking inventory, and analyzing sales data, helping you to optimize your store and improve performance over time.

Join the digital revolution: Setup your online dukkan and grow your business

Start your online journey

RocketBuy Apps are available for both Android and IOS devices. Start by Downloading the Mobile App on your device!

Start setting up your Business

Once the RocketBuy app has been installed on your mobile device, you can open the app and go through the assistive screen to get a idea about onboarding journey.

Your first step towards the digital world

Take the first step towards digitization with your contact details, all you need to do is add your mobile number to get started

Verify your Contact Number and Personal Details

Verify your contact details by providing OTP for contact number verification while providing additional details such as Business Name and email address.

Select your Business Category

Select your business category, you can select multiple options according to your offerings as well.

Provide your Business Details and Address

Setup your Business Details on RocketBuy including your Business Name, Area of operations along with branding for your online operations.

Your Business Setup is complete ✌️

You've completed your Business Setup and your store is now registered online and people can discover it.

Add Product Categories for your Business

You can start by adding the different product categories of your business for your customers to view. Product Categories can be manually added or can by differently added for the wide range of pre created business categories in RocketBuy.

Add products to your RocketBuy Store

Adding product in RocketBuy is very easy, you just need to select the products that you offer from a range of 1000s of pre-created products. Just select the products that you offer and system will add them to your store with prefilled details such as Product Pricing, details and images

Get your own CRM

Your RocketBuy Online Store is directly integrated with CRM to record your customer data so you can run Marketing Campaigns to engage your customer while maintaining Customer Data for your Business

Your online Dukkan is ready 🚀

Your online dukkan is ready, now increase sales as customers can browse and purchase products at any time of the day or night, and from anywhere.

Your online storefront is ready

Rocketbuy instantly creates your own website with all the business details and product catalogue instantly

Online Order in Rocketbuy generated website

Customers can view your website and offerings online and select the products that they need

Items Selection in Rocketbuy

Rocketbuy lets your customer see all the product offerings that you've listed. They can select the products and there respective quantity and add them to cart for purchase.

Customer Account Creation

Post item selection your customer will fill in there contact details and verify the same using inbuilt OTP verification system.

Delivery and Store Pickup Options

After customer verification, your customer can select the fulfillment option which provides the option for store pickup or home delivery

Coupons and Discounts

You can create customer offers and discount options for your customer which they can using during checkout to avail discounts and offers

Order Placed Successfully 🎉

Order is placed after payment option and you'll receive notification on your mobile device with customer and order details. You can use RocketBuy mobile app to track order status and update the customer as well.

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